Vodka Fed Plants Used To Make Lemonade


Feed me Seymour!

It has been said that your plants grow better when you talk to them. I often wondered if this was true. Then I began to think. What if it really is true and not some old wife’s tale to get people to water and talk to their plants. Now this can be both beneficial and detrimental to the plants. Let’s look at this from a plants perspective and be glad this is not the Little Shop of Horrors, “Feed me Seymour feed me!” Oh yeah back to the plant thing. Imagine if you may that the person who takes care of you not only waters you regularly but the the carbon dioxide they provide from their breath is so fresh and clean you wish they would never leave. Then there is the flip side to Continue reading →


Trader Joe’s Korean Disposition


All white Gospel choir?

Why is it that Korean people or oriental people in general always seem to have businesses in the hood a.k.a. the black community and black patrons don’t have any business in their community? I find that very funny and intriguing. It is almost funny because it’s like saying hey we’re good enough to take your money but we’re not good enough to live among you. I can’t actually blame them for not living in the hood it isn’t safe there and to those of them that do I am preaching to the choir. Continue reading →

New Pulp Visualizes Pope Kicking In Stained Glass Windows

detectiveShe stood there looking at me sizing me up and trying to read me like one of  those cheap Harlequin romance novels. I felt insulted, she had no idea of who I was nor did that matter, but enough about me. As I turned to open the nearest window to ventilate the room from her cigar smoke, which was so overwhelming it began wrapping its arms around my lungs like a giant anaconda, that she spoke. She told me her name was Pussé Galore. I told her that the only Pussy Galore I knew was in a James Bond movie. She corrected me “It is “Pussé not pussy.” She told me she was adopted by a bunch of gypsies in a traveling circus, and how they loved watching James Bond movies Continue reading →

End Game’s Unprecedented New Titles


Special Olympics Old School Style.

In an unprecedented move today the game company Unsimpatico NoPolitico has released the inaugural version of the Special Olympics handicapped version dubbed 0.5. This version will have the same throw back feel of the classic Atari Olympics. It will not include the popular events such as track and field, swimming, diving, the long jump and pole vault. What you will find however are such events as the wheelchair stair tumble, the 400 meter wet Continue reading →

African Headhunter Summons Mandela on World Stage.


Who is that man?

The world and CIA watched in horror as an African tribal headhunter under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs stood on the world stage at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service and used sign language interpretation  to forecast the earth’s apocalyptic end while standing alongside world leaders like U.S. President Barack Obama.  When apprehended Continue reading →

Faking It A Cheaters Tale – Blog 187


This should not be you.

Lance Armstrong in an emotional interview with Oprah Winfrey poured out his heart and finally came clean about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Drugs which allegedly assisted him in winning a record seven trophies at the Tour De France.  I too like Lance feel that I have a confession to make. My wife has been faking it more times than she ought too, or at least that is what I read in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. Continue reading →