Trader Joe’s Korean Disposition


All white Gospel choir?

Why is it that Korean people or oriental people in general always seem to have businesses in the hood a.k.a. the black community and black patrons don’t have any business in their community? I find that very funny and intriguing. It is almost funny because it’s like saying hey we’re good enough to take your money but we’re not good enough to live among you. I can’t actually blame them for not living in the hood it isn’t safe there and to those of them that do I am preaching to the choir.

 And here’s another thing preaching to the choir. Who came up with that saying or phrase and what does it mean? When a pastor preaches he preaches to the congregation. All the choir  sees is the back of his head. I know that hearing has nothing to do with the eyes or so I hope. As far as I know the choirs job is to sings songs and to get people in the mood to be in church.  So I think the phrase should be the pastor preached and the choir heard. I’m just saying. And why is it that when I do Google search for choir all I see are Caucasian people but then I add Gospel to that all African-American people show up? Hey folks I can’t make this stuff up racism and Donald Trump are alive and well.

Another peeve I have is when people play on words. For example when someone says something to you and ask if you were listening. Of course you were listening or you would be asleep. So they say well did you hear what I was saying. Then you reply with a “Yes I heard what you’re saying”. Then they said “No you said you were listening so that means you didn’t hear what I was saying”. Now I know they’re a lot of people out there guilty of this and when you ask me such an asinine question you would get an asinine look. This sh!t is real life not scrabble or ping-pong. Grow up!

False advertising. I hate it. I went into Trader Joe’s the other day to trade in some day old Kroger bread that was unused and unopened box of Lucky Charms for fresh one, please don’t laugh. So I asked the cashier if I could trade my Lucky Charms in and perhaps  pay the difference if any. She told me I would have to buy a new box of cereal and that it could not be Lucky Charms because they did not carry such unhealthy stuff and as for the bread from another vendor oh hell no. I said, “Wait a minute am I not in Trader Joe’s? Is this not about barter as a name “Trader” suggests?” The nice lady informed me that the name and barter have nothing to do with each other. This is after all was a grocery store not a northern trade outpost on the fringes of the known Canadian frozen tundra. If I wanted to buy anything would have to pay for full price. I cannot take an item in lieu of another or trade in one item and pay the difference. And if I was not upset enough to add insult to injury they called the store security to have me escorted out. Well needless to say Trader Joe’s won’t be getting my business. You have any rants drop a line below let the MaDnE$5 know.…


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